Drone shows and displays   

Events / Publicity / Marketing / Media / More...

Whether you just want to add something different to a small event, or make a massive statement to the world, our drones and model aircraft can help add the visual punch.

We are highly creative and innovative with the designs we can create...

Example prices detailed in the relevant sections below...

We offer a range of display and show options, from single model aircraft all the way up to full choreographed light shows with 500 or more drones. We offer everything from entertainment to major events and putting your brand and identity in the night sky.

Drone show services we offer

Entertainment: From £1,000 per day.


We have some of the best pilots in the world that have flow in national and international competitions, who love nothing more than to show off their skills.

We can fly large model aerobatic aeroplanes or helicopters, either in the day or at night. We can add to the visual spectacle with smoke, LED lights and even fireworks.

We can fly to music and as part of a bigger event, or we can fly just one aircraft to a smaller audience.

In the past we have flown as part of firework displays, alongside full-size air shows, as well as at weddings, corporate events and more. If you want the ultimate corporate experience, we can also create a day where you come and fly the models and drones yourself and we keep you safe.

Example day rates:

Per display team (model, pilot, and safety observer).
It is often possible to discount on multiple teams.

Per aircraft and instructor.
Please ask us more about how this works and how many people it is suitable for.


Affordable entertainment.

Can be fully interactive.


Requires a certain amount of separation to people for safety.

Example use:

Corporate days/events.

Firework events.

Public events.

Interactive events.

Drone shows: From £9,500 per show.


Drone shows can be used to put anything from shapes and patterns to full brand identities and messages in the night sky.

The lights are very bright 900 lumen LEDs, which can be seen for miles across the night sky, to ensure your message has the maximum punch.

We have partnered with AeroAVA to do shows from as little as 20 drones for small events, such as weddings or baby gender reveals, all the way up to 1,000 drones if you want to create an event on par with any major event or show.

Example day rates:

Mini show.
From £9,500.
This is typically 20-50 drones for small events.

Midi show.
From £39,500.
This is typically 100-300 drones for most events.

Maxi show.
From £99,500.
This is typically 300+ drones for major events.

Please contact us for a formal quote and price.


The ultimate visual statement.

Quieter than fireworks.

Environmentally friendly.


Needs space to perform.

Needs time to design a bespoke show (usually 2-3 weeks)

Example use:

Music festivals.

Corporate events.

Marketing projects.

The small print:


Sometimes we need extra crew on a job or incur external charges. Although we can't predict which jobs will need this in advance, we can know some of these prices upfront.

External charges we incur, such as material costs, parking, road tolls, hotels, and location fees, are charged at the same rate to the client. We do not charge any extra for admin, though if a significant charge is expected, we may request an advance booking fee to cover such costs.

Where possible, we always try to estimate these costs in advance. It is our goal to never surprise you with hidden charges.

Rates per crew member:

Recce (A daylight recce may be required ahead of any night flying, please ask us).

Night flying (Applied to jobs between 8pm and 6am).

Planning (Charged on complex locations such as near airports).
£50 p/h.

Competent observer.

General ground crew.