Custom flying project solutions

Marketing / Media / Events / Shows / More...

Whether you need a full drone show, a flying missile, a driving torpedo, a custom delivery drone, a flying light or just want to drop something from a drone, we can help.

We are experienced creative designers for flying props and models...

Prices from as little as £400 per day.

We offer a range of non-standard and custom drone services to suit your needs, which you can view and explore in more detail further down this page.

Custom drone services we offer

Dropping items: From £1,000 per day.

Description: (This is illegal without our advanced permit)

We are one of the only companies in the UK that is legally allowed to drop items from our drones, which is only possible thanks to our advanced UK CAA permissions.

We can lift and drop up to 4kg of items, from single items up to 2kg, or groups of smaller items up to 4kg. For example, in the past we have delivered Blue Peter badges by drone, dropped footballs and rubber ducks, as well as dropped mobile phones to test cases and more.

We can drop items from up to 600ft in the air, or from a lower height with precision using a targeting camera on the underside of the drone.

As you might imagine, depending on what you want to drop, we may need to modify our drone to make it work, but we can do this in-house.

Our prices include basic payload attachment design.

Example day rates:

S900 dropping up to a 2kg item.

M600 dropping up to 4kg of items.


We make it safe and legal.

We use cameras for accuracy.


May require modification time is all.

Example use:

Mobile phone case testing.

Publicity stunts.

Dropping items on camera.

Simulating bombing for film.

Flying lights: From £850 per day.


When you want to create an unusual atmosphere on a film set, or simulate an alien encounter in a music video, then our lighting drones are perfect.

We can fly either floodlight style with shutters to control beam or use a dual operator team and a spotlight for that extra level of control and precision.

The lights are very bright, with up to 1,000w of LED power, turning night into day.

Example day rates:

S900 and flood light.

M600 and directional spotlight.

Drone show options:

We are very proud to partner with AeroAVA and offer drone light shows of up to 500 drones.

Please contact us for a price.


Moving lighting on set.

Create atmosphere.

Creative options.


Not very effective in daylight.

Example use:

Music videos.

Film set lighting.

Creative projects.

Custom design: From £400 per day.


What do you do when what you want simply doesn't exist, simple, you contact us. We have made numerous flying props for TV, film, live shows, and more...

It's very hard to tell you how much a bespoke creative service costs, so it's easier to just list some of the projects we have done as examples.

We made 300+ radio controlled heat seeking missiles and two life size driving torpedoes for Fast and Furious Live. We also helped recruit a remote pilot to go on the live tour and operate them all.

We've made flying logos for companies such as Vollebak clothing, as well as bespoke drones such as a flying light bulb we created to help BT launch their new logo at a live event.

We also offer flying on camera for various types of radio controlled vehicles. For example, we have flown a life size Chitty Chitty Bang Bang prototype, as well as RC helicopters and planes. We also offer night flying with models that are covered in LEDs.

Example day rates:

Creative design and/or building time.

Live operation and test flying.


Fully bespoke projects.

Custom solutions.

Experienced creatives.


Not an overnight service.

Example use:

Flying props.

Bespoke flying logos.

Remote controlled props.

Flying 'for' camera.

The small print:


Sometimes we need extra crew on a job or incur external charges. Although we can't predict which jobs will need this in advance, we can know some of these prices upfront.

External charges we incur, such as material costs, parking, road tolls, hotels, and location fees, are charged at the same rate to the client. We do not charge any extra for admin, though if a significant charge is expected, we may request an advance booking fee to cover such costs.

Where possible, we always try to estimate these costs in advance. It is our goal to never surprise you with hidden charges.

Rates per crew member:

Recce (A daylight recce may be required ahead of any night flying, please ask us).

Night flying (Applied to jobs between 8pm and 6am).

Planning (Charged on complex locations such as near airports).
£50 p/h.

Competent observer.

General ground crew.