High resolution aerial photography

Marketing / Art / Inspection / Surveying / More...

From single photos to full 3D photogrammetry models, we have a range of cameras to create images with high levels of detail, as well as editing experience to make the most of your images.

Remember, our advanced CAA permit will often let us fly for you when others can't...

Prices from as little as £400 per site.

We offer a range of aerial drone photography services to suit your needs, which you can view and explore in more detail further down this page.

Drone photography services we offer

Standard resolution: From £400 per site.

Description: (Our most popular service level)

With our standard photo quality still being an average of 20mp the images we take are perfect for most common use cases, such as brochures, websites, wall art and so much more.

Our drones can be flown high enough to take stunning wide-angle photos but are also small enough to be flown fairly close to most obstacles, making them perfect for most tasks.

For example, we can take wide angle photos of buildings in their surroundings and landscape images, or fly close and find faults on roofs such as missing or broken tiles and damaged guttering.

Using a drone for inspection tasks is also a great way to save money by not using expensive scaffolding, while also keeping people safe by not putting anyone at a risk of working at height.

Our prices include basic editing as standard.

Got more than one site to photograph?

We offer discounts on multi-site bookings.


Budget friendly.

Good quality.


Fixed lenses and focal lengths.

Example use:

Roof inspections.

Estate agent photography.

Website photography.

Brochure photography.

High resolution: From £650 per site.


When every detail counts and you need the highest resolution, we can fly high end digital SLR cameras such as our in-house Canon 5Dmk4 and L-series lenses, or even the mighty 100mp medium format Hassleblad H6D.

Cameras like our Canon 5Dmk4 have bigger sensors and better lenses, which creates an increased dynamic range and can offer a bigger range of colours, allowing for sharper, more vivid, and more detailed images.

More detailed images are better if you want to print the images in large format, such as a wall print or billboard, while also offering more data if you want to zoom in to the images for inspection reasons.

Our prices include basic editing as standard. Detailed editing such as photo manipulation and 3D modelling is available and priced on application.


Highest resolutions.

Changeable lenses for creative control.

More camera setting options for creative control.


Larger drones.

Example use:

Marketing photography.

Art installations.

Large format printing.

High accuracy survey data collection.

The small print:


Sometimes we need extra crew on a job or incur external charges. Although we can't predict which jobs will need this in advance, we can know some of these prices upfront.

External charges we incur, such as parking, road tolls, hotels, and location fees, are charged at the same rate to the client. We do not charge any extra for admin, though if a significant charge is expected, we may request an advance booking fee to cover such costs.

Where possible, we always try to estimate these costs in advance. It is our goal to never surprise you with hidden charges.

Rates per crew member:

Recce (A daylight recce may be required ahead of any night flying, please ask us).

Night flying (Applied to jobs between 8pm and 6am).

Planning (Charged on complex locations such as near airports).
£50 p/h.

Competent observer.

General ground crew.