First person view action

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Whether you want to add high speed adrenalin to your action shots, or just flow smoothly through gaps and tight spaces, we have the drones and skill to make it happen.

Remember, our advanced CAA permit will often let us fly for you when others can't...

Prices from as little as £700 per day.

We offer a range of first person view drone filming services to suit your needs, which you can view and explore in more detail further down this page.

First person view services we offer

Level one: From £700 per day.

Description: (Our most popular service level)

Our most popular first person view (FPV) filming service uses a range of drones for different situations, but all equipped with action cameras, such as the latest model of GoPro.

When booking FPV filming, please note that it is a legal requirement to use a 'competent observer' when flying FPV outdoors, so a dual operator team is mandatory. Our competent observers are also pilots themselves, so you get the best on our shoots.

We have smooth 'cinewhoop' drones for flying around in tight spaces, close to people and through small gaps, such as we did for the Virgin Media O2 'Supercharge your world with Volt' advert. We also have high speed racing type drones capable of over 100mph for when speed and agility is the goal, such as when we chased and filmed the Nemesis rollercoaster at Alton Towers.

These drones can carry a range of our in-house action cameras, from our smallest Insta360 Go3, to full size action cameras such as the DJI Action 4 and GoPro 12.

We can also supply a live HD feed of the pilot's view, so a director can see the shots as we shoot them for full creative control.

Example day rates:

Indoor only with a naked GoPro Hero 8.

Outdoor with any of our in-house action cameras.
(Our most popular option)


Ability to fly in very small areas.

Live director's feed.

Get into the heart of the action.


Limited to action size cameras only.

Example use:

Close action chasing.

Estate fly throughs.

Immersive action.

Obstacle engagement.

Level two: From £1,600 per day.


When every detail counts and you need the highest quality or want to shoot full LOG or RAW footage to match other cameras used on a shoot, we can fly our in-house BMPC4K.

Our 'cinelifter' drones are capable of flying camera and lens combinations of as much as 2kg at speeds of up to 100mph.

It is important to note, that a cinelifter is a very different type of drone to a cinewhoop and they are not as safe to fly very close to people. A cinelifter is more about flying a higher quality camera in a more dynamic manner than a traditional filming drone can't do.

Due to the nature of cinelifters and to comply with UK law we always use a dual operator team.

Example day rates:

Outdoor with our in-house BMPC4K.


Higher quality footage.

Full LOG and RAW options.

More camera lens and setting options.


Sub 5 minute flight times.

Example use:

Filming car chases.

Filming stunts.

The small print:


Sometimes we need extra crew on a job or incur external charges. Although we can't predict which jobs will need this in advance, we can know some of these prices upfront.

External charges we incur, such as parking, road tolls, hotels, and location fees, are charged at the same rate to the client. We do not charge any extra for admin, though if a significant charge is expected, we may request an advance booking fee to cover such costs.

Where possible, we always try to estimate these costs in advance. It is our goal to never surprise you with hidden charges.

Rates per crew member:

Recce (A daylight recce may be required ahead of any night flying, please ask us).

Night flying (Applied to jobs between 8pm and 6am).

Planning (Charged on complex locations such as near airports).
£50 p/h.

Competent observer.

General ground crew.