Broadcast quality aerial filming

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From small projects to major productions, we are a safe group of hands that you can trust to provide an excellent service and quality footage that will help lift your project to another level.

Remember, our advanced CAA permit will often let us fly for you when others can't...

Prices from as little as £650 per day.

We offer a range of aerial drone filming services to suit your needs, which you can view and explore in more detail further down this page. Level two is our most popular service.

Drone filming services we offer

Level one: From £650 per day.


Our level one aerial filming service represents the most affordable option we offer, which is one of our qualified and experienced remote pilots and one of our state-of-the-art camera drones.

The drones we use under level one may be small, but they are all capable of recording up to at least 4K, some even going over 5K.

The drones all have stabilised cameras to give stable footage, however, in most cases the camera angles are fixed to straight ahead. This means the remote pilot must turn the drone to turn the camera, so this is not the best option if you want to add movement to shots, or if you want to track something that is moving. This is best done with level two drones.

Example day rates:

Air 2S with a 1" CMOS sensor shooting up to 5.4k video or 20mp stills.

Mavic 3 Pro with a micro 4/3 sensor shooting up to 5.1k video or 20mp stills.

Mavic 3 Pro Cine with the added option of Apple ProRes 422 HQ.


Budget friendly.

Discreet size.

Easy to take almost anywhere.


Fixed cameras, so the pilot must turn the drone to turn the camera.

Smaller sensors with lower bit rates.

Example use:

Establishing wide angle shots.

Simple reveal shots.

Straight tracks and basic panning shots.

Level two: From £1,200 per day.

Description: (Our most popular service level)

Our level two aerial filming service is our most popular, which is likely because it represents the best quality and range of achievable shots.

The drones we use under level two are operated by a dual remote pilot and camera operator team. They also have cameras that can be controlled separately from the drone itself, with our heavy lift drones allowing the option to carry a range of cameras, including our in-house Canon C70 and L-series lenses.

The ability to control the camera separately from the drone allows for precise control over pan, tilt, and roll, which enables smooth and precise positioning of the camera to where it is needed. This gives full creative freedom and even makes the combination perfect for tracking moving objects, or panning around static objects as the drone itself moves.

Example day rates:

S900 with a GH4 with a micro 4/3 sensor shooting up to 4k video.

M600 Pro with Canon C70 and Super 35 sensor shooting high dynamic range 4K video.
(Our most popular option)

Inspire 3 with X9 and full frame sensor shooting up to 8K in Apple ProRes RAW or Cinema DNG.


Camera movement and control with dual operators.

Camera and lens quality and options.

Easier to match drone footage to that from other cameras.


Costs a little more per day.

Larger file sizes, especially shooting 8K.

Example use:

TV and Film.

Corporate videos.

Tracking moving subjects.

The small print:


Sometimes we need extra crew on a job or incur external charges. Although we can't predict which jobs will need this in advance, we can know some of these prices upfront.

External charges we incur, such as parking, road tolls, hotels, and location fees, are charged at the same rate to the client. We do not charge any extra for admin, though if a significant charge is expected, we may request an advance booking fee to cover such costs.

Where possible, we always try to estimate these costs in advance. It is our goal to never surprise you with hidden charges.

Rates per crew member:

Recce (A daylight recce may be required ahead of any night flying, please ask us).

Night flying (Applied to jobs between 8pm and 6am).

Overtime (Charged once a day exceeds 10 hours of working time).
£50 p/h.

Per diem (Charged once a day exceeds 10 hours of working time if food and drink is not provided).

Remote pilot.

Filming crew.

Competent observer.

General ground crew.